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Craft CMS - Commerce - Cart Bundle for showing products grouped (bundled) in the cart
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Cart Bundle plugin for Craft CMS

Ability to show products in the cart as a bundle (ideal for use with Multi Add)


To install Cart Bundle, follow these steps:

  1. Download & unzip the file and place the cartbundle directory into your craft/plugins directory
  2. -OR- do a git clone directly into your craft/plugins folder. You can then update it with git pull
  3. Install plugin in the Craft Control Panel under Settings > Plugins
  4. The plugin folder should be named cartbundle for Craft to see it. GitHub recently started appending -master (the branch name) to the name of the folder for zip file downloads.

Cart Bundle works on Craft 2.4.x and Craft 2.5.x.

Cart Bundle Overview

Cart Bundle is a simple plugin that allows you to show products as grouped (bundled) in the cart/checkout. It works by adding some extra information in the options array in cart line items.

This plugin works great along with the MultiAdd plugin.

NOTE: This is plugin is only designed for output purposes it does not change the purchasable data


See the wiki

Cart Bundle Roadmap

  • Remove weird id obscuring in favour of hash security

Cart Bundle Changelog

See releases

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Hat tip to Josh Crawford

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