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Web Annotation Tool for Segment Labeling.

Demo server

For a quick look into WAT-SL, please visit our demo server.


Download the wat.jar. Then unpack the and cd into the example project folder. Then use

java -jar <path-to>/wat.jar [<port> [<base-path>]]

to start the server on the given port (default port is 2112) and base-path (default base-path is "/"). You can then access documentation on how to adjust and use the server at



mvn clean install assembly:single
mv wat-sl-*-jar-with-dependencies.jar wat.jar

There is a Dockerfile that runs the demo project. After building the wat.jar, you can create the Dockerfile like this:

cd docker

You can then start the demo-server like this:

docker run -p <port>:2112 -t wat

Or just use the version in our repository on docker hub like this:

docker run -d -p 2112:2112 --restart=unless-stopped -t webis/wat:2.0.0


If you use WAT-SL in your scientific work, please refer to it using this publication:

Johannes Kiesel, Henning Wachsmuth, Khalid Al-Khatib, and Benno Stein. WAT-SL: A Customizable Web Annotation Tool for Segment Labeling. In Software Demonstrations at the 15th Conference of the European Chapter of the Association for Computational Linguistics (EACL 2017).

Christina Lohr, Johannes Kiesel, Stephanie Luther, Johannes Hellrich, Benno Stein, Udo Hahn: Continuous Quality Control and Advanced Text Segment Annotation with WAT-SL 2.0. In 13th Linguistic Annotation Workshop at the 57th Annual Meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics (ACL 2019).