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[Stephen Grider] Microservices with Node JS and React [ENG, 2020]

Build, deploy, and scale an E-Commerce app using Microservices built with Node, React, Docker and Kubernetes

My Updatable Version of the final project from this course

How to run apps

I am working in ubuntu linux 18.04.

Minikube, Kubectl, Docker, Skaffold should be installed.

Skaffold installation

$ curl -Lo skaffold

$ chmod +x skaffold
$ sudo mv skaffold /usr/local/bin

Run minikube

$ {
minikube --profile my-profile config set memory 8192
minikube --profile my-profile config set cpus 4

// minikube --profile my-profile config set vm-driver virtualbox
minikube --profile my-profile config set vm-driver docker

minikube --profile my-profile config set kubernetes-version v1.18.2
minikube start --profile my-profile

// Enable ingress
$ minikube addons --profile my-profile enable ingress

$ minikube --profile my-profile ip

$ sudo vi /etc/hosts
# Minikube

How to run the final app1

$ 04_Orchestrating_Collections_of_Services_with_Kubernetes
$ cd skaffold

$ docker login

Need to update my docker image name webmakaka/grider-ms-app1*** to your in scripts from skaffold and k8s folders.

$ skaffold dev

$ kubectl get pods
NAME                              READY   STATUS    RESTARTS   AGE
client-depl-99b7fcdcb-jhttp       1/1     Running   0          3m22s
comments-depl-69578db79c-jzdnh    1/1     Running   0          3m22s
event-bus-depl-7c5b75b7f4-m5qw6   1/1     Running   0          3m22s
moderation-depl-d7b49bfbc-cgl2l   1/1     Running   0          3m22s
posts-depl-78647cffd4-7gtzx       1/1     Running   0          3m22s
query-depl-656f9b6b58-bv7g7       1/1     Running   0          3m22s

browser -->

How to run the final app2

$ kubectl create secret generic jwt-secret --from-literal=JWT_KEY=asdf

$ kubectl create secret generic stripe-secret --from-literal=STRIPE_KEY=<STRIPE_SECRET_KEY>

$ cd 22_Back_to_the_Client
$ cd skaffold

$ docker login

Need to update my docker image name webmakaka/grider-ms-app2*** to your in scripts from skaffold and k8s folders.

$ skaffold dev

$ kubectl get pods
NAME                                           READY   STATUS    RESTARTS   AGE
auth-deployment-57d779fd9-48s9v                1/1     Running   0          24s
auth-mongo-deployment-579c6dbd8f-69jbv         1/1     Running   0          23s
client-deployment-f5cfc5b8d-k2lxp              1/1     Running   0          23s
expiration-deployment-6bb67856b4-jkkbl         1/1     Running   0          23s
expiration-redis-deployment-5b58b869fd-hmq5f   1/1     Running   0          23s
nats-deployment-76479997ff-lpss8               1/1     Running   0          23s
orders-deployment-5c68dff5c9-dq6hl             1/1     Running   0          23s
orders-mongo-deployment-6896c8b9-42vpd         1/1     Running   0          23s
payments-deployment-68d4c7f4ff-nfsxb           1/1     Running   0          23s
payments-mongo-deployment-c89cb4fc7-4ggn7      1/1     Running   0          23s
tickets-deployment-7b746fff9-tvhzw             1/1     Running   0          23s
tickets-mongo-deployment-54f456bd95-hv9fb      1/1     Running   0          22s

chrome browser -->

type: thisisunsafe in the browser window with security warning.

Expected result:


Delete minikube with project

$ minikube --profile my-profile stop && minikube --profile my-profile delete

Development step by step


02. A Mini-Microservices App

03. Running Services with Docker (Docker Basics. Nothing Interesting)

04. Orchestrating Collections of Services with Kubernetes


05. Architecture of Multi-Service Apps

06. Leveraging a Cloud Environment for Development (Optional Section, Skipped)

07. Response Normalization Strategies

08. Database Management and Modeling

09. Authentication Strategies and Options

10. Testing Isolated Microservices

11. Integrating a Server-Side-Rendered React App

12. Code Sharing and Reuse Between Services

13. Create-Read-Update-Destroy Server Setup

14. NATS Streaming Server - An Event Bus Implementation

15. Connecting to NATS in a Node JS World

16. Managing a NATS Client

17. Cross-Service Data Replication In Action

18. Understanding Event Flow

19. Listening for Events and Handling Concurrency Issues

20. Worker Services

21. Handling Payments

22. Back to the Client

23. CI/CD (I will not deploy app to clouds)


Any questions in english: Telegram Chat
Любые вопросы на русском: Телеграм чат