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Authentic Theme is modern, ultrafast single-page application for Webmin/Usermin that is made with love. Managing servers, operating systems and applications has never been so easy.

Quick UI overview 2021


  • Configurable theme options using Webmin/Usermin UI, with ability to embed user logos and custom styles
  • Code highlight when viewing and editing files
  • Drop-down terminal interface for Command Shell module
  • Hotkeys and favorites for quicker access
  • Notification slider for instant access to pushed system messages
  • Extended support for File Manager and ConfigServer Security & Firewall modules


  • Webmin 1.995+ (required), Usermin 1.855+ (optional), Virtualmin 7.0+ (optional), Cloudmin 9.6+ (optional)

Recommended modules

  • Installed Net::SSLeay module, to make automatic update notifications work


How to update Authentic Theme manually?

Go to theme configuration and hit Force update theme button to install either stable or development version of the theme.

How to update Authentic Theme automatically?

The theme has built-in feature to notify administrative users to install updates. To enable this feature, turn on Check for Authentic Theme updates in theme configuration.

How to show beta updates notifications for the theme?

Go to theme configuration folder under Webmin, create/find config file, open it and add/change the value from 0 to 1 for beta_updates option.

How do I customize the theme?

Theme has configurable options. There, as well, you can upload custom logos and code custom styles.css, scripts.js and

How do I execute shell command using search field?

Type ! in search, followed by your command. Example: !ls /root. It's required to have Command Shell module available.

Extended support for bundled/third-party modules

File Manager

Theme has great support for this module, by adding numerous must-have features, which enables you to use File Manager just as normal desktop browser.

ConfigServer Security & Firewall

Theme only re-renders this module and adds support for code highlight, when editing files manually.


Lead developer





It takes countless hours to develop and maintain this project. Donations show appreciation. Your donation would help me to pay my bills and excite future development.





Authentic Theme is released under the MIT License.