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shortlinks.txt shortlinks configuration

This repository contains all explicitly defined shortlinks for the domain.

The format of the shortlinks.txt file is very simple: <key> <space> <value>. <key> is the short part after the domain <space> is any number of whitespaces <value> is the URL the client is redirected to Commented lines start with a #. itself redirects to the wiki's main page. If something is provided after the slash, it is searched for in the shortlinks.txt file. If a match is found, it is sent as the redirect. If nothing could be found, the client gets redirected to the wiki search, which in turn displays the article (if a valid title was provided) or display the search results for the provided value.


The master branch is pulled every hour, so changes should be live in under 60 minutes.

If you have questions or comments contact fr0zenice on #webplatform (freenode) or at!

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