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_layouts add code examples link
_tools Wrote a script generate index.html files and regenrated all index.htm…
cookbook fix a link error
docs fix link to tutorial (English)
reference remove triple quotes (format for markdown)
sessions Revert vandalism
skeleton templates/base.html: CR and indent
src add 2 Real Web Apps
static Added 0.37 package.
tricks Fixed the page..
usage edit edit
CNAME Added as CNAME. added more setup info brianhammond edit
Makefile Wrote a script generate index.html files and regenrated all index.htm… edit edit reverting a spammers mess
_config.yml Wrote a script generate index.html files and regenrated all index.htm… 0.37 is released. asd edit edit edit Add french translation 0.37 is released. edit edit restored previous version add link to ctx french translation removed spam fix language link in file edit edit Add French translation add summary ab3nnion removing 404 link intellectronica fixed typos/formatting in a few files: remove similar spam Update the blurb about edit Update edit back to original title Added link to Serbo-Croatian translation. (tx Jovana Milutinovich) Update version number page is recreated from history edit edit edit anand edit Fixed a typo. fixed typos/formatting in a few files: edit change bad translation edit spam spam spam edit reverting junk edit How to send mail using gmail remove similar spam fixed formatting of python code for testing template rendering Removed spam link Removing obsolete direction and linking to new ones. edit edit edit updated the link for the tutorial, and removed spanish since that lin… fixed grammar and typos ... at least some of them edit Fixed wrong indentation in code example sp translation corrig\u00e9 une faute, il manquait un 'r' \u00e0 fournit Remove more spam edit Translated part of text tradu\u00e7\u00e3o do texto inteiro correct misspell tutorial fix default add link to french cookbook translation session error fix one translate in tutorial3.zh-cn Quash edit
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