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Report your contributions here

How to report your contribution

Go to the issues, and put your contributions in the respective open issue. We create three issues every month for following purpose :

  • Events conducted in this month - Planning to conduct an event? Put here the name, place and url for the event.
  • Projects/Scenes created in this month - Worked on A-Frame and created something? Give us the url of the source & deployed scene/project location.
  • WebVR India in Media this month - Provide the URL of blogpost, tweets, event reports, video or anything related.

What do we do with this

Every month, we collect your contributions from here and put it on the Mozilla India WebVR wiki, which can be later used by A-Frame team to feature your contributions on A Week Of A-Frame blogposts.


Everyone who is actively contributing to WebVR-India is featured as WebVR-India-Superstar on Mozilla India WebVR wiki, and they also get to join WebVR-India-Superstars Telegram group where all early discussion happens for all new activities and lot more.
Please note - The contribution done during an event by a new member is not considered for this. Kindly keep continuing the contribution after the event, the next time you submit the contribution you will be added to the Superstars list :-) #HappyContributing.


Repo for the volunteers to report their contributions (through issues)






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