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Tagedit - jQuery Plugin - The Plugin can be used to edit tags from a database the easy way
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Tagedit - jQuery Plugin
The Plugin can be used to edit tags from a database the easy way

Examples, code and documentation:
Copyright (c) 2010 Oliver Albrecht <>
This work is licensed under a MIT License

Oliver Albrecht - Mail: Twitter: @webworka

1.5.1 (10/2013)

------ Changelog ---------

v1.5.1 - 28.10.2013
- ID of autocoplete values can now be a integer

v1.5.0 - 28.10.2013
- updated to jQuery 1.9
- updated to jQueryUI 1.10
- fix for autocomplete when source is an array (thanks to alecpl in issue #35)
- autocomplete URL with correct encoding (thanks to yulanggong in issue #36)
- New feature: "When deleting a tag allow to verify if other records are using it before delete" (thanks to danielcsgomes, issue #37)

v1.2.1 - 05.11.2011
- Bugfix: When editing a tag, there was no check on the existing values (issue #15)
- Extension: Pressing ESC while editing no does a reset

v1.2.0 - 08.06.2011
- Extension: Added Support for local data, remote url and function for autocomplete. Thanks to garjitec (issue #9 and #7)
- Extension: Added option for breaking characters. Thanks to garjitec (issue #9)
- Extension: Added option for Case Sesnsitive check of new entries. (issue #8)
- Extension: Added support for pasting into input field. Thanks to garjitec (issue #9)
- Bugfix: Items where not marked as deleted when taking to much time for confirmation
- Merge: Cleaned up formatting. Thanks to garjitech (issue #9)
- Merge: Changed the way that autocompleteURL is used to overwrite autocompleteOptions.source. Thanks to garjitec (issue #9)

v1.1.0 - 05.06.2011
- Bugfix: Putting an item that is inside the autocompletionlist was not possible without clicking on the item (issue #2) thanks to mmezzacca
- Change: Make the Regexp for the name of the items less restrictable (issue #4 and #5) thanks to jdart
- Change: removed the versionstring from the css file
- Extension: Putting the jQuery ui autocompletion options to the tagedit options. Therfore its possible to view the complete list of items (partly issue #1)
- Minor: Added another example page
- Minor: removing some german comments
- Minor: adding some comments for events

v1.0.2 - 19.05.2011
- Bugfix for cases if there are already Elements from database befor initialising the Plugin

v1.0.1 - 18.05.2011
- Bugfix for adding elements that are already inside the autocompletion list

v1.0.0 - 18.05.2011
- initial checkin
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