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Work with Developh. Shift the way we think about tech.
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Job Board

Work with Developh. Shift the way we think about tech.

This is the official job board for Developh. We post about available positions and openings that any high school or college-aged youth are welcome to join.

Applications are closed. Thank you to everyone who applied. Results will be released by the first or second week of July, after we've finished with all interviews and deliberations. Email us at for any questions!


Executive Leadership

  • Chief Education Officer
    Help spearhead our education programs as we work towards equitable and accessible technology for all.

Core Roles

  • Core
    Core members are general team members, helping out various committees and projects - working as a chance to explore the organization and the different intersections of technology and creation. Always hiring
  • Regional Director Lead Developh's expansion across your region. Always hiring is Developh's official digital publication, spreading real technology movements forward. Visit

Other ways to contribute

  • Working on a venture that's making waves? Have a problem you're passionate about solving? Developh runs different programs to support student founders and would love to support/collaborate with you! Learn about our ventures
  • Write for, our publication.
  • Share your knowledge on any topic related to innovation for our outreach programs or open-source education initiatve. Message us at
  • Partner with us or pitch a random project/idea that we might be able to do. We'll see how it goes! Send us a message as always.
  • Be you! Create things, share them with the world, and you contribute to the creator ecosystem we're trying to raise.

General Benefits

  • Monthly stipend. We value your time and effort, and have the capacity to compensate members.
  • Delegations to conferences and events with funding assistance where you're willing to represent Developh
  • Global impact. Not binded to any institution and focusing on both local and larger problems, we make sure your work is seen, heard, and valued.
  • Networking, speaking, and workshop opportunities along with career help. We maintain relationships with people who can uplift your work as they do ours, and we're always here to help internally.
  • Basics such as core merchandise and materials, a meme group, etc/
  • For general core members, we're flexible and adaptive to your schedules; not so much a benefit but a fact on how we operate: you get what you give, and we know how things can be.
  • Priority with Developh Ventures, in case you're working on a side project
  • Being part of a team you can always pick up and give to (and get things out of) -- share and launch your project ideas as long as they align with our general objective (they likely will.)
  • At least we're not Jeff Bezos?

Some things you have to know about our team culture

Just for transparency's sake. We work around a lot of chats and on occasion, voice meetings. Lots of moving parts so it's recommended that you have some knowledge of Google Suite, workflow tools (Notion/Asana), and can work your way around tech terms. We use chat and email as heavy communication channels, so it's suggested that you're responsive on those ends.

We're spontaneous and throw lots of ideas around and do our best to make them happen. We regard one another as equals, valuing ideas and projects from every core member and allowing one another to give a go at the work we do. Transparency, honesty, and communication is key. At the end of it, we're still a student group with huge goals at making the world a better place -- we'll fail a lot which is okay, but only if we learn from those failures and strive to help one another out. We understand each other's circumstances, the diversity in each other's backgrounds and perspectives, and are welcome and open. Also we're pretty liberal and do not tolerate discrimination or fascism.

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