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osCommerce Bitcoin Payment Module v0.6

This module enables your osCommerce webstore to accept Bitcoin. 

IMPORTANT: This module is currently under development and works with BTC as the default currency only.


* Creates a unique payment address for each order
* Automatically updates BTCUSD exchange rate
* Updates order to Processing when payment is received (# of Bitcoin network confirmations is configurable)
* Forwards excess bitcoins to your off-server forwarding address
* Python script restarts bitcoind if it becomes unresponsive
* Bitcoind and can be run on a server other than the osCommerce hosting server


osCommerce (tested so far only with v2.3.1)
Python with modules: MySQLdb and simplejson


1. Copy all files into your osCommerce installation (the checkout_success.php replaces 
the existing one so if you or any addons have modified that page, you'll want to merge 
our changes).

2. Enable Bitcoin Payment module

3. Fill in bitcoind RPC host:port, user, password, and create a random notification key

4. Create BTC currency in osCommerce administration -> Localization -> Currencies with 
the following settings. For Value enter # of BTC a USD would buy you.

Title: Bitcoin
Code: BTC
Symbol Left:
Symbol Right: BTC
Decimal Point: .
Thousands Point: ,
Decimal Places: 3

5. Recommended: Install the Display Totals in Default Currency addon from,3333 and make the modifications 
listed in this post:

6. Move ./script folder to your preferred location for Python scripts (preferably 
outside the web root)

6. Copy ./script/ to ./script/ and configure at least 

7. Make sure bitcoind is running, is in the path, and has an rpcuser and rpcpassword set 
in .bitcoin/bitcoin.conf

8. Start &

You can 'tail -f ./scripts/monitor.log' to follow what the monitor script is doing.


* Include a watchdog script to make sure is running via cronjob.

Inspired by by phoenix.x742 / 2 Oct 2011
bpn.php modified from an osCommerce Paypal IPN script