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This project provides a simple way to create a markdown ordered list of issues and pull requests closed with a given milestone on GitHub. It uses Zend Framework's Zend\Http component to communicate with the GitHub API, and Zend\Console\Getopt to handle CLI options parsing.

The script ensures that any special characters that might break the generated links are scrubbed and substituted with the corresponding HTML entities; as such, the script should be generally usable unattended.


Use Composer to install dependencies:

php /path/to/composer.phar install

Alternately, you can compose it into an existing PHP application using Composer. Add the following to your composer.json:

    "require": {
        "phly/changelog-generator": "*"

and either perform a composer.phar install or composer.phar update. This will install the script in vendor/bin/changelog_generator.php.


There are two primary ways to use the generator:

  • Use CLI options to pass in configuration
  • Create a configuration file, and pass that to the script

The standard CLI options are:

  • -t or --token, to pass your GitHub API token
  • -u or --user, to pass your GitHub username or organization
  • -r or --repo, to pass your GitHub repository name
  • -m or --milestone, to pass the identifier of the GitHub milestone for which to generate the changelog

As an example:

vendor/bin/changelog_generator.php -t MYgithubAPItoken -u weierophinney -r changelog_generator -m 1 >

Alternately, create a configuration file. You can use config/config.php.dist as a template; it simply needs to return an array with the keys "token", "user", "repo", and "milestone". You then pass this to the script:

vendor/bin/changelog_generator.php -c path/to/config.php

You can also mix-and-match options -- for instance, you might place your token in a configuration file, and then pass the other options via CLI.