Elegant Emacs theme with bright colors
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Elegant Emacs theme with bright colors



  1. Install base16-theme from MELPA/manually.
  2. Install snazzy-theme.el by running M-x package-install-file and point to the file.
  3. Add the following line to your init.el.
(load-theme 'snazzy t)


This theme is now on MELPA! Run the following command

M-x package-install

and enter snazzy-theme. Voila!

(You might need run M-x package-refresh-contents first)



This color scheme is originally by Sindre Sorhus. I merely adapted his theme for Emacs and decided to share it for those who are looking for this color scheme for Emacs, as well as to learn to create my own Emacs package.


Since I did not create this color scheme, feel free to create a pull request to make it more closely resemble the original vision of the author.


MIT © Sindre Sorhus
GPLv3 © Wei Jian Gan