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NTest othello program
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Ntest is a strong othello program. It can be used in command-line mode or using the graphical viewer NBoard.


  • 64-bit Windows, Mac, or Linux
  • popcnt instruction
    This is available on most Intel CPUs since 2009 and AMD systems since 2008. You will get an error message if trying to run on a computer without popcnt.

32-bit NTest is no longer maintained but it is available as the very first commit in this repository: a0949a58df442b1d7f65b70156e22758bdf5fdca . On a 64-bit machine it goes about 2/3 as fast as 64-bit NTest. It can also be used on machines without popcnt.

Other Resources

From the Wayback Machine, NTest's old homepage

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