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fix(converge): feature gate for specific images params in werf-conver…
…ge (due to compatibility issues)

By default `werf converge` command does not accept specific images positional params to enable building and verification of only specific images from the `werf.yaml`.

When `WERF_CONVERGE_ENABLE_IMAGES_PARAMS=1` is set it is possible to specify either positional images arguments or `--without-images` option:

werf converge IMAGE_A IMAGE_B [--without-images] [options]

This feature gate only needed due to historical compatibility issues with using positional arguments in converge command.

Signed-off-by: Timofey Kirillov <>
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distorhead committed Oct 3, 2022
1 parent a5fdf4d commit 78c7c286bbf9f873655cfe84a77540a59068645b
Showing 1 changed file with 22 additions and 3 deletions.
@@ -51,10 +51,22 @@ var cmdData struct {

var commonCmdData common.CmdData

func isSpecificImagesEnabled() bool {
return util.GetBoolEnvironmentDefaultFalse("WERF_CONVERGE_ENABLE_IMAGES_PARAMS")

func NewCmd(ctx context.Context) *cobra.Command {
ctx = common.NewContextWithCmdData(ctx, &commonCmdData)

var useMsg string
if isSpecificImagesEnabled() {
useMsg = "converge [IMAGE_NAME ...]"
} else {
useMsg = "converge"

cmd := common.SetCommandContext(ctx, &cobra.Command{
Use: "converge [IMAGE_NAME...]",
Use: useMsg,
Short: "Build and push images, then deploy application into Kubernetes",
Long: common.GetLongCommandDescription(GetConvergeDocs().Long),
Example: `# Build and deploy current application state into production environment
@@ -76,12 +88,19 @@ werf converge --repo --env production`,

return common.LogRunningTime(func() error {
return runMain(ctx, common.GetImagesToProcess(args, *commonCmdData.WithoutImages))
var imagesToProcess build.ImagesToProcess
if isSpecificImagesEnabled() {
imagesToProcess = common.GetImagesToProcess(args, *commonCmdData.WithoutImages)

return runMain(ctx, imagesToProcess)

if isSpecificImagesEnabled() {

common.SetupDir(&commonCmdData, cmd)
common.SetupGitWorkTree(&commonCmdData, cmd)

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