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Improved weathers icons

I found the thunderstorm looks like a better build than the rainy. So I changed both a little to show a clear progression:

  • health-00to19: Thunderstorm in blue instead of yellow: Showing yellow makes makes you think there is a sun behind).
  • health-00to19: Rainy a bit lighter to be between thunderstorm and cloudy.

-- Before

++ After

Same for other sizes. That's it! No other change.

How to update your Hudson (if it didn't already contain this patch)

It's pretty simple actually to apply those changes to your Hudson using 7-zip.

  • Create a backup of your hudson.war
  • Open hudson.war in 7-Zip
  • Delete META-INF/HUDSON.RSA and META-INF/HUDSON.SF in it (to avoid SHA-1 digest error)
  • Update the files in images/ folder by dragging those in this Git's fork war/resources/images/ folder
  • Restart Hudson, press refresh your browser (F5)
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