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Dad style programming jokes

Q: What diet did the ghost developer go on?

A: Boolean

Q: Why was the developer unhappy at his job?

A: He wanted arrays.

Q: Why did 10 get paid less than "10"?

A: There was workplace inequality.

Q: Why was the function sad after a successful first call?

A: He didn’t get a callback.

Q: Why did the angry function exceed the callstack size?

A: He got into an Argument with himself

Q: Whats the object-oriented way to become wealthy?

A: Inheritance

Q: Why did the developer ground his daughter?

A: She wasn't telling the truthy

Q: What did the array say after it was extended?

A: Stop objectifying me.


It's funny 'cause it's true.

Q: Where did the parallel function wash its hands?

A: Async

Q: I'm starting a band called HTML Encoder

A: Looking to buy a guitar &

Q: Why did the functions stop calling each other?

A: Because they had constant arguments.

Q: What's the second movie about a database engineer called?

A: The SQL.

A programmer's wife tells them, "Run to the store and pick up a loaf of bread. If they have eggs, get a dozen."

The programmer comes home with 12 loaves of bread.

Q: What did the spider do on the computer?

A: Made a website!

Q: What did the computer do at lunchtime?

A: Had a byte!

Q: What does a baby computer call his father?

A: Data!

Q: Why did the computer keep sneezing?

A: It had a virus!

Q: What is a computer virus?

A: A terminal illness!

Q: Why was the computer cold?

A: It left its Windows open!

Q: Why was there a bug in the computer?

A: Because it was looking for a byte to eat?

Q: Why did the computer squeak?

A: Because someone stepped on it's mouse!

Q: What do you get when you cross a computer and a life guard?

A: A screensaver!

Q: Where do all the cool mice live?

A: In their mousepads!

Q: What do you get when you cross a computer with an elephant?

A: Lots of memory!