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Wesnoth 2.0, being developed in the Godot engine.
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audio sound import files Feb 17, 2019
data static offmap as parallax is a pain to work with when zooming and/res… Apr 21, 2019
graphics added on-map status bars for units Apr 17, 2019
source do not blur pause backdrop Apr 21, 2019
tools added void transitions | added missing desert hill transition Apr 9, 2019
.gitattributes added .gitattributes file Mar 14, 2019
.gitignore ignore -vscode Mar 18, 2019 minor changes to Apr 20, 2019
LICENSE copyright 2018 -> 2019 Mar 17, 2019 readded README and LICENSE Mar 17, 2019
default_bus_layout.tres added separate audio busses for music and SFX, so volume can be tweak… Mar 15, 2019
default_env.tres Make editor resize editable area when removing tiles, plus some forma… Mar 19, 2019
icon.png Replace default Godot icon with Wesnoth's Oct 5, 2018
project.godot mouse_left now is triggered when tapping on a touch screen Apr 21, 2019


Wesnoth 2.0 prototype build in the Godot engine.

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