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  1. Forked from vfxetc/mayatools

    Collection of general tools and utilities for working in and with Maya

    Python 23 7

  2. sgcache Public

    Forked from vfxetc/sgcache

    A caching proxy of the Shotgun API

    Python 6 1

  3. Forked from vfxetc/sgactions

    Shotgun ActionMenuItem enrichment.

    CSS 4 3

  4. sgapi Public

    Forked from vfxetc/sgapi

    Low-level Shotgun API for Python

    Python 2

  5. Forked from vfxetc/sgsession

    Shotgun Session

    Python 2

  6. sgschema Public

    Forked from vfxetc/sgschema

    Cached schema for Shotgun

    Python 2


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