ESV Text/Audio Aligner to programmatically obtain the timings for each word in the corresponding audio
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ESV Text/Audio Aligner

Pulls down the ESV text and audio from the ESV API, then aligns the text and audio chapter-by-chapter by means of CMU Sphinx and generates {book}.{chapter}.timings.json timing files in the data/ directory (see output for John 3). The audio and text for each chapter is also saved in this directory. Previously-aligned chapters are skipped unless --forced. There is an ongoing discussion on the CMU Sphinx forums on the quality of the alignment data it provides.

Author: Weston Ruter (@westonruter)
Dependencies: Python 2.7, java, ant, sox, svn

The ESV Text and MP3 data downloaded by this script is subject to copyright:

The Holy Bible, English Standard Version copyright (c)2001 by Crossway Bibles, a publishing ministry of Good News Publishers. All rights reserved.

ESV API usage terms (see full conditions):

You can access the ESV text using the key "IP" (without the quotes). This key limits you to 5,000 queries per day from a single IP address. You are bound by the below conditions of use, including the non-commercial aspects.


This project was birthed out of a desire to realize the read-along app, where the currently-spoken word in the audio is higlighted in the text on the screen. I made an HTML5 Audio Read-Along prototype (includes writeup) featuring a passage from Luke 2 of the ESV, but the actual audio timing data for the Luke 2 sample I had to obtain manually (read: painstakingly). This project aims to generate the audio word timings automatically so that the entire Bible can be used in a read-along app.


$ python [-f|--force] [osisBook [[chapter], [chapter]...]]...


Align Genesis 1:

$ python Gen 1

Align John 3, overridding any existing timings:

$ python -f John 3

Align Genesis 1-3, Psalm 1, and all of Colossians:

$ python Gen 1 2 3 Ps 1 Col


Dual licensed under the MIT or GPL Version 2 licenses.
MIT License:
GPL 2.0 license: