OKCupid profile datasets, code to scrape okcupid, and code to compute reading level of text
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OKCupid hacker scripts, data, etc

Tools for crawling OKCupid for users and their profiles.

Pulling Data

  • FindUsers.py - This will find all the usernames (with age and gender) of current OKC users in the target location, dumping out a csv.
  • FetchProfiles.py - This takes the usernames csv from FindUsers.py and pulls the profiles one at a time, writing to a new csv.

Analyzing Data

  • anonymized_profiles.sf.20120630.csv - .csv file containing profile information (from their public profiles on 2012/06/30) for n=59,946 users who
    • were members on 2012/06/26
    • were living within 25 miles of San Francisco
    • were online in the last year
    • had at least one photo in their profile
    • Does NOT include essays, personal questions, or any other potentially individually identifiable data
  • anonymized_usernames.sf.20140218.csv - to study temporal population changes, this is a dataset of just age and gender of users at this point in time (with the same filters as above). Anonymized user ids will map to users in the other file, if the user existed in both.
  • Analysis.R - R script to read in profile data and
    • produce a mosaicplot cross-classifying gender and sexual orientation
    • produce a histogram of heights split by gender
  • ReadingLevel.py - Tools for determining the reading level of a chunk of text, as well as some useful statistics about a blob (number of words, sentences, syllables, etc). I have used it to compute reading levels for essay responses, plot them, etc, though I don't have any of that code checked in.
  • cmudict.0.7a.txt - Used by ReadingLevel.py, this is a dictionary mapping words to their numbers of syllables. I pulled it from some CMU page on the interwebs, but I forget where.

Fun Links

Because I'm not the only one who has tried this kind of thing: