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Welcome to Bitcloud

Bitcloud is a universal protocol aiming to provide a massive distributed database and filesystem, or "virtual hard disk", capable of storing data encrypted and signed across all connected nodes, protecting privacy and guaranteeing quality of service (QoS).


Bitcloud can be the base for decentralized applications that require data storage and bandwidth. There are many Bitcoin 2.0 projects in the works right now, but they all still rely on some type of blockchain. In Bitcloud, the blockchain is replaced by a distributed database, also known as the nodepool. Bitcloud creates a new decentralized system of trust where entire web applications can be hosted without a centralized server.

Bitcloud is coin agnostic, meaning that it only intends to be the base for the storage needs of future Distributed Applications (DAs). Bitcloud can use the escrow capabilities of Bitcoin and/or the contracts of Ethereum. Bitcloud intends to substitute the way in which servers interconnect today and make it much easier, more secure and more private for users, publishers and DAs to share files. It will be fundamental for the upcoming DAs.

Whether you're watching videos from YouTube or listening to music on Soundcloud, you're getting all of your content through one centralized source. That centralized source could decide to delete certain content or be forced to delete controversial content by a local government. The core principles behind the applications built on top of Bitcloud are decentralization, complete autonomy, open source, and the choice of anonymity.

For further information and a technical overview, read the White Paper.

Why do we need Bitcloud? Read this

Help Work With Us

We want to make the process of creating Bitcloud extremely open, allowing anyone who wants to participate to share their opinion and help with the project.

Look at our current team here.

Watch us at github.

And, most importantly, join us here.

What are we doing now?

We have mostly finished the design stage! We are fully entering the programming stage now.

Heres the plan for Alpha Development:

Design Documentation: -Nodepool.sql Specifications -Compnent Function Specification -Functional Requirements -Process Diagrams -Component Dependencies -Possible UML, Schema, and other Diagrams

Develop Components:

Testing: -Test locally on many machines -Solve any errors -Build and test an Alpha Grid -Fix any errors

Move on to Beta!

New node.js version for PoC

We have decided to create the first PoC version using node.js. We hope that this decission will make many developers happy to contribute to the project. TODO