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PLASMA by WeWork

Plasma is a design system for creating sensible, modern interfaces.

Component docs at

Storybook at


Select and Datepicker components do not work right now. Use react-select and datepicker directly in Spacestation.

Developing with Storybook

Running Storybook

  1. Run the Plasma Webpack dev server: yarn start
  2. Run the Storybook server: yarn storybook
  3. Go to http://localhost:6006/ to view the Storybook

Developing with Storybook

  1. Follow steps above "Running Storybook"
  2. Create a new dev branch: git checkout -b mybranch
  3. Add / update as necessary
  4. Add stories to the stories/ directory as you add / update components!

Using the styleguide


  1. Run yarn run styleguide.
  2. Load up

Building static version

  1. Run yarn run styleguide:build
  2. Files output to /styleguide

Building flow-typed definitions

  1. Run yarn flow:buildTypeDefs

This will output flow-typed compatible definitions of Flow types for Plasma. For Spacestation, you likely want to yarn flow:buildTypeDefs | pbcopy (if on Mac) and paste the contents to the plasma_vx.x.x.js under flow-typed/

Documenting components

  1. Run ./docs/ from the root dir. This will update the docs, commit to gh-pages, and push to github (updating

Info here:

Creating a Pull Request / Publishing

Creating a Pull Request

  1. When you're ready, push your branch to Github and create a pull request.
  2. If you've made visual changes, include screenshots.
  3. If you've made implementation changes, run yarn test:update to update jest snapshots.
  4. PR will be reviewed
  5. When PR is accepted, it will be merged into master.
  6. (Optional) If you also need to publish a new Plasma version, read that section.

Publishing to NPM

  1. Create a separate PR or bump the npm version in the feature branch, do not publish from master.
  2. Run yarn run pack to bundle the .js and .css file into /dist folder.
  3. Run npm version patch. This will bump the version in package.json and create a new tag and push the tag to Github.
  4. Make sure you're logged in to NPM via npm login. login is in 1password, when prompted for email please use:
  5. Run npm publish from the root directory to publish to NPM registry.
  6. Check to make sure package is updated.

Developing with Spacestation

Link Plasma (you only need to do this once)

  1. In your terminal, cd to local Plasma repo.
  2. Run yarn link.
  3. cd to local Spacestation repo.
  4. Run yarn link @wework-dev/plasma. This creates a symlink in Spacestation's node_modules/@wework-dev/plasma folder that points to local Plasma repo.
  5. (Optional) If you need to, you can unlink at any time with yarn unlink @wework-dev/plasma

Developing with Spacestation

  1. Create a new Plasma dev branch: cd /plasma git checkout -b mybranch
  2. Run the Plasma dev server with watch: yarn watch
  3. Save any changes in Plasma, webpack should bundle changes in /dist
  4. Run Spacestion: cd /spacestation yarn start
  5. Changes you make in Plasma should automatically be picked up by Spacestation
  6. Follow "Creating a Pull Request / Publishing"

Using a published Plasma version from NPM

  1. Run yarn add @wework-dev/plasma in your project.

  2. Include the Plasma object (or individual components) in your Javascript. Plasma object example:

    import Plasma from '@wework-dev/plasma';
    <Plasma.Button label="Click it" />;

    Individual components example:

    import { Button } from '@wework-dev/plasma';
    <Button label="Click it" />;


For testing, Plasma uses Jest ( with Enzyme (

Tests are located in src/tests.

Flow coverage can be checked via yarn flow:coverage.

Running tests

  1. Run yarn test for a single run or yarn test:watch to watch for changes.
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