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Plugin for integrating Nano into Unreal Engine 4
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Plugin for integrating Nano micropayments into Unreal Engine 4

Currently in Beta. Only tested on Windows Desktop (UE 4.22.3 VS 2019), do not use in production.

Heres a video showing an older version of the test map:

Here's a video showing the plugin being used with the ActionRPG sample game:

How to use:

  1. Copy Plugins folder to an Unreal Engine project root directory
  2. A http server (for RPC requests) & a websocket server (to receive notifications from nano network) are needed. A sample node.js file is supplied (server.js) which sets this up. config.js is where the server settings go for this. Run npm install to instal dependencies.
  3. A node is required to be running which the websocket & http server (for RPC request) will talk with. websocket and rpc should be enabled in the config.

To check everything is set up, try the TestLevel Unreal engine map. BP_PlayerState contains NanoWebsocket & NanoManager variables which are set in the level blueprint and used throughout. NanoManager has the required http server details which need changing. A video demonstration is coming soon.

Implementation details:
NanoBlueprintLibrary contains various generic functions such as creating seeds, encrypting/decrypting them using AES with a password, converting to accounts, converting between Raw and Nano and various other things.
NanoManager is where the other functionality is located

Where are AES encrypted files stored?




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