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🦖 Opinionated minimum style theme for Docusaurus 2
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Docusaurus Theme No Style

This theme is a trim down from @docusaurus/theme-classic of Docusaurus 2 to contain only opinionated minimum styles:

  • all css selectors are using only semantic html tags with roles, no class names used
  • docs and blog page layout with grid with 2 side sections and 1 main in middle
  • accessory sections have paddings with a fixed value 1rem

Overwriting styles for this theme

The suggested way of overwriting styles for themes is by swizzling.

Depending on how fine-grained you wish to overwrite the styles, you have a few options:

To modify the styling without changing the DOM structure of individual components, you may swizzle the Layout component and update the CSS there:

$ yarn swizzle @wgao19/docusaurus-theme-no-style Layout

This will copy the Layout component to your site's src directory. Restart your dev server, and then the site will be using the component in your code.

Most of the styles provided in this theme is inside the Layout component.

If you need to modify the DOM structure and / or styling for individual component, swizzle the corresponding component with the same command.

To see the list of components provided by this theme, refer here.

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