A rust inflection library
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Rust Inflector

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Adds String based inflections for Rust. Snake, kebab, train, camel, sentence, class, and title cases as well as ordinalize, deordinalize, demodulize, deconstantize, foreign key, table case, and pluralize/singularize are supported as both traits and pure functions acting on &str and String types.


Documentation can be found here at the README or via rust docs below.

Rust docs with examples


As a crate

Inflector = "*"

Compile yourself:

  1. Install Rust and cargo
  2. git clone https://github.com/whatisinternet/Inflector
  3. Library: cd inflector && cargo build --release --lib
  4. You can find the library in target/release

Usage / Example:

// to use methods like String.to_lower_case();
extern crate inflector;
use inflector::Inflector;
fn main() {
  let camel_case_string: String = "some_string".to_camel_case();


// to use methods like to_snake_case(&str);
extern crate inflector;

// use inflector::cases::classcase::to_class_case;
// use inflector::cases::classcase::is_class_case;

// use inflector::cases::camelcase::to_camel_case;
// use inflector::cases::camelcase::is_camel_case;

// use inflector::cases::pascalcase::to_pascal_case;
// use inflector::cases::pascalcase::is_pascal_case;

// use inflector::cases::screamingsnakecase::to_screamingsnake_case;
// use inflector::cases::screamingsnakecase::is_screamingsnake_case;

// use inflector::cases::snakecase::to_snake_case;
// use inflector::cases::snakecase::is_snake_case;

// use inflector::cases::kebabcase::to_kebab_case;
// use inflector::cases::kebabcase::is_kebab_case;

// use inflector::cases::traincase::to_train_case;
// use inflector::cases::traincase::is_train_case;

// use inflector::cases::sentencecase::to_sentence_case;
// use inflector::cases::sentencecase::is_sentence_case;

// use inflector::cases::titlecase::to_title_case;
// use inflector::cases::titlecase::is_title_case;

// use inflector::cases::tablecase::to_table_case;
// use inflector::cases::tablecase::is_table_case;

// use inflector::numbers::ordinalize::ordinalize;
// use inflector::numbers::deordinalize::deordinalize;

// use inflector::suffix::foreignkey::to_foreign_key;
// use inflector::suffix::foreignkey::is_foreign_key;

// use inflector::string::demodulize::demodulize;
// use inflector::string::deconstantize::deconstantize;

// use inflector::string::pluralize::to_plural;
// use inflector::string::singularize::to_singular;
fn main() {
  let camel_case_string: String = to_camel_case("some_string");

Advanced installation and usage:

If the project doesn't require singularize, pluralize, class, table, demodulize, deconstantize. Then in your cargo.toml you may wish to specify:

version = "*"
default-features = false


Inflector = {version="*", default-features=false}

To test this crate locally with features off try:

cargo test --no-default-features


This project is intended to be a safe, welcoming space for collaboration, and contributors are expected to adhere to the Contributor Covenant code of conduct.