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Whats-this transparency

A log of all DMCA takedown requests and their outcome, removed file metadata, and our canary.

All dates in this repository are in the format MMM DD, YYYY [HH:mm] or YYYY-MM-DD [HH:mm].


The most recent canary file can be found in canary.asc and at https://owo.whats-th.is/a87355.asc.

Assume something has happened if this has not been updated in a month, although it should be updated every week by @deansheather.

Signing key

All cryptographically signed messages in this repo are signed using the key on Dean Sheather's Keybase profile, https://keybase.io/deansheather/key.asc.

The key is also available in public.asc and at https://owo.whats-th.is/ce1548.asc for convenience.

Verification can easily be performed at Keybase.io.