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Whats-this transparency

A log of all DMCA takedown requests and their outcome, removed file metadata, and our canary.

All dates in this repository are in the format MMM DD, YYYY [HH:mm] or YYYY-MM-DD [HH:mm].


We used to have a warrant canary but it never got updated because it kept getting put off. Dean Sheather, who signed it, lives in Australia anyways, which unfourtunately has private key disclosure laws. This means that if the court did send a gag order, they could also seize the private key and continue signing messages as per usual without our permission.

To ease your mind, a final warrant canary can be found in canary.asc and at

Signing key

All cryptographically signed messages in this repo are signed using the key on Dean Sheather's Keybase profile,

The key is also available in public.asc and at for convenience.

Verification can easily be performed at