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Define HTMLCollection's named properties better. Also widen the eleme…

…nt-whitelist for name to include all elements in the HTML namespace.

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40 Overview.src.html
@@ -8238,20 +8238,32 @@ <h2 class=no-num>Goals</h2>
<span title=concept-element>element</span> in the <span title=concept-collection>collection</span>. If there is no
<var title>index</var>th <span title=concept-element>element</span> in the <span title=concept-collection>collection</span>, then the method must return null.
-<p>The <span data-anolis-spec=webidl>supported property names</span> consist
-of the <span title=concept-attribute-value>values</span> of the
-<span title=concept-named-attribute><code title>name</code> attributes</span>
-of each <code title>a</code>, <code title>applet</code>,
-<code title>area</code>, <code title>embed</code>, <code title>form</code>,
-<code title>frame</code>, <code title>frameset</code>,
-<code title>iframe</code>, <code title>img</code>, and
-<code title>object</code> element in the <span>HTML namespace</span>,
-<span>represented by the collection</span> with a
-<span title=concept-named-attribute><code title>name</code> attribute</span>,
-and the <span title=concept-id>IDs</span> of the
-<span title=concept-element>elements</span>
-<span>represented by the collection</span>, intertwined in
-<span title=concept-tree-order>tree order</span>.
+<p>The <span data-anolis-spec=webidl>supported property names</span> are the
+values from the list returned by these steps:
+ <li><p>Let <var title>set</var> be an empty list.
+ <li>
+ <p>For each <var title>element</var>
+ <span>represented by the collection</span>, in
+ <span title=concept-tree-order>tree order</span>, run these substeps:
+ <ol>
+ <li><p>If <var title>element</var> is in the <span>HTML namespace</span>
+ and <span title=concept-element-attribute-has>has</span> a
+ <span title=concept-named-attribute><code title>name</code> attribute</span>
+ whose <span title=concept-attribute-value>value</span> is neither the
+ empty string nor is in <var title>set</var>, append
+ <var title>element</var>'s
+ <span title=concept-named-attribute><code title>name</code> attribute</span>
+ <span title=concept-attribute-value>value</span> to <var title>set</var>.
+ <li><p>If <var title>element</var> has an
+ <span title=concept-ID>ID</span> which is not in <var title>set</var>,
+ append <var title>element</var>'s <span title=concept-ID>ID</span> to
+ <var title>set</var>.
+ </ol>
+ <li><p>Return <var title>set</var>.
<dfn title=dom-HTMLCollection-namedItem><code>namedItem(<var title>key</var>)</code></dfn>
44 dom-core.html
@@ -10,7 +10,7 @@
<p><a class="logo" href="//"><img alt="WHATWG" height="100" src="//" width="100"></a></p>
- <h2 class="no-num no-toc" id="living-standard-—-last-updated-13-december-2012">Living Standard — Last Updated 13 December 2012</h2>
+ <h2 class="no-num no-toc" id="living-standard-—-last-updated-14-december-2012">Living Standard — Last Updated 14 December 2012</h2>
<dt>This Version:
@@ -42,7 +42,7 @@ <h2 class="no-num no-toc" id="living-standard-—-last-updated-13-december-2012"
<p class="copyright"><a href="" rel="license"><img alt="CC0" src=""></a>
To the extent possible under law, the editors have waived all copyright and
related or neighboring rights to this work. In addition, as of
-13 December 2012, the editors have made this specification available
+14 December 2012, the editors have made this specification available
under the
<a href="" rel="license">Open Web Foundation Agreement Version 1.0</a>,
which is available at
@@ -8264,20 +8264,32 @@ <h3 id="interface-htmlcollection"><span class="secno">8.2 </span>Interface <code
<a href="#concept-element" title="concept-element">element</a> in the <a href="#concept-collection" title="concept-collection">collection</a>. If there is no
<var title="">index</var>th <a href="#concept-element" title="concept-element">element</a> in the <a href="#concept-collection" title="concept-collection">collection</a>, then the method must return null.
-<p>The <a class="external" data-anolis-spec="webidl" href="">supported property names</a> consist
-of the <a href="#concept-attribute-value" title="concept-attribute-value">values</a> of the
-<a href="#concept-named-attribute" title="concept-named-attribute"><code title="">name</code> attributes</a>
-of each <code title="">a</code>, <code title="">applet</code>,
-<code title="">area</code>, <code title="">embed</code>, <code title="">form</code>,
-<code title="">frame</code>, <code title="">frameset</code>,
-<code title="">iframe</code>, <code title="">img</code>, and
-<code title="">object</code> element in the <a href="#html-namespace">HTML namespace</a>,
-<a href="#represented-by-the-collection">represented by the collection</a> with a
-<a href="#concept-named-attribute" title="concept-named-attribute"><code title="">name</code> attribute</a>,
-and the <a href="#concept-id" title="concept-id">IDs</a> of the
-<a href="#concept-element" title="concept-element">elements</a>
-<a href="#represented-by-the-collection">represented by the collection</a>, intertwined in
-<a href="#concept-tree-order" title="concept-tree-order">tree order</a>.
+<p>The <a class="external" data-anolis-spec="webidl" href="">supported property names</a> are the
+values from the list returned by these steps:
+ <li><p>Let <var title="">set</var> be an empty list.
+ <li>
+ <p>For each <var title="">element</var>
+ <a href="#represented-by-the-collection">represented by the collection</a>, in
+ <a href="#concept-tree-order" title="concept-tree-order">tree order</a>, run these substeps:
+ <ol>
+ <li><p>If <var title="">element</var> is in the <a href="#html-namespace">HTML namespace</a>
+ and <a href="#concept-element-attribute-has" title="concept-element-attribute-has">has</a> a
+ <a href="#concept-named-attribute" title="concept-named-attribute"><code title="">name</code> attribute</a>
+ whose <a href="#concept-attribute-value" title="concept-attribute-value">value</a> is neither the
+ empty string nor is in <var title="">set</var>, append
+ <var title="">element</var>'s
+ <a href="#concept-named-attribute" title="concept-named-attribute"><code title="">name</code> attribute</a>
+ <a href="#concept-attribute-value" title="concept-attribute-value">value</a> to <var title="">set</var>.
+ <li><p>If <var title="">element</var> has an
+ <a href="#concept-id" title="concept-ID">ID</a> which is not in <var title="">set</var>,
+ append <var title="">element</var>'s <a href="#concept-id" title="concept-ID">ID</a> to
+ <var title="">set</var>.
+ </ol>
+ <li><p>Return <var title="">set</var>.
<dfn id="dom-htmlcollection-nameditem" title="dom-HTMLCollection-namedItem"><code>namedItem(<var title="">key</var>)</code></dfn>

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