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URLs are parsed and produce records

No platinum yet, but this changes a lot and not all changes were done
manually so review is appreciated.

This commit changes the following:

* Parsed URLs are now URL records.
* Resolve a URL is now parse a URL.
* Resolve a URL returns a resulting URL string and a resulting URL
  record now.
* Resolve a URL takes a document or environment settings object now
  rather than an element or base URL.

This should resolve this bug and issue:

* #532

There is room for future cleanup:

* Stop using the “resulting URL string” and “resulting URL record”
  concepts in most scenarios. Assigning the result to a variable is
* Figure out if more places ought to invoke the URL parser directly (in
  particular standalone APIs where we want to use UTF-8 as encoding
  rather than defaulting.)
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annevk committed Feb 8, 2016
1 parent 56ceea8 commit 30bc2557105ad62881ec9670f253febbc9761b44
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