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Remove unnecessary and unimplemented canvas tainting when painting text

As discussed in #1540, this check does not give any additional
protections over those already provided by CORS, which these days fonts
are subject to.

Fixes #1540. Helps with #1431.
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domenic committed Jul 14, 2016
1 parent 29ebd5b commit 6c76b617d2b45326afea2625d174ce2fd5ab6423
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<li><p>If the <span>text preparation algorithm</span> used a font that has an <span>origin</span>
that is not the <span data-x="same origin">same</span> as the <span>origin</span> specified by
the <span>entry settings object</span> (even if "using a font" means just checking if that font
has a particular glyph in it before falling back to another font), then set the
<code>CanvasRenderingContext2D</code>'s <span
data-x="concept-canvas-origin-clean">origin-clean</span> flag to false.</p></li>
<!-- because fonts could be considered sensitive material, I guess; and because that
sensitivity could extend to whether or not a particular glyph is in the font in the first place.


<!--v6DVT - this is commented out until CSS can get its act together

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