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Editorial: remove HSTS reference

The WebSocket API now references Fetch for establishing a connection.
Fetch in turn takes care of HSTS.
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annevk committed Mar 15, 2016
1 parent f9567cd commit 96be6c02315d677c48ac334a689a48cbd1929c95
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<dd><cite><a href="">High Resolution Time</a></cite>, I. Grigorik, J. Simonsen, J. Mann. W3C.</dd>
<!-- or ? it's highly unclear what URL is the one that would have the latest changes -->

<dt id="refsHSTS">[HSTS]</dt>
<dd><cite><a href="">HSTS</a></cite>, J. Hodges, C. Jackson, A. Barth. IETF.</dd>

<dt id="refsHTMLAAM">[HTMLAAM]</dt>
<dd><cite><a href="">HTML Accessibility API Mappings 1.0</a></cite>, S. Faulkner, J. Kiss, A. Surkov. W3C.</dd>

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