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Reference RFC 7595 instead of RFC 4395

RFC 4395 has been obsoleted by RFC 7595.
BCP 35 now corresponds to RFC 7595.
BCP 115 has been retired in favor of BCP 35. See

Also update web+ URL meta-scheme pseudo-registration to conform with RFC 7595's template

PR: #397
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cvrebert authored and annevk committed Dec 13, 2015
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@@ -112401,24 +112401,24 @@ if (s = prompt('What is your name?')) {
<h3><dfn><code data-x="scheme-web">web+</code> scheme prefix</dfn></h3>
<p>This section describes a convention for use with the IANA URI scheme registry. It does not
itself register a specific scheme. <ref spec=RFC4395></p>
itself register a specific scheme. <ref spec=RFC7595></p>
<dt>URI scheme name:</dt>
<dt>Scheme name:</dt>
Schemes starting with the four characters "<code
data-x="">web+</code>" followed by one or more letters in the range
<code data-x="">a</code>-<code data-x="">z</code>.
<dt>URI scheme syntax:</dt>
<dt>Scheme syntax:</dt>
<dt>URI scheme semantics:</dt>
<dt>Scheme semantics:</dt>
<dt>Encoding considerations:</dt>
<dd>All "<code data-x="">web+</code>" schemes should use UTF-8 encodings where relevant.</dd>
<dt>Applications/protocols that use this URI scheme name:</dt>
<dt>Applications/protocols that use this scheme name:</dt>
<dt>Interoperability considerations:</dt>
<dd>The scheme is expected to be used in the context of Web applications.</dd>
@@ -112436,7 +112436,7 @@ if (s = prompt('What is your name?')) {
<dd>Ian Hickson &lt;></dd>
<dt>Author/Change controller:</dt>
<dt>Change controller:</dt>
<dd>Ian Hickson &lt;></dd>
@@ -117362,8 +117362,8 @@ INSERT INTERFACES HERE
<dt id="refsRFC4366">[RFC4366]</dt>
<dd><cite><a href="">Transport Layer Security (TLS) Extensions</a></cite>, S. Blake-Wilson, M. Nystrom, D. Hopwood, J. Mikkelsen, T. Wright. IETF.</dd>
<dt id="refsRFC4395">[RFC4395]</dt>
<dd><cite><a href="">Guidelines and Registration Procedures for New URI Schemes</a></cite>, T. Hansen, T. Hardie, L. Masinter. IETF.</dd>
<dt id="refsRFC7595">[RFC7595]</dt>
<dd><cite><a href="">Guidelines and Registration Procedures for URI Schemes</a></cite>, D. Thaler, T. Hansen, T. Hardie. IETF.</dd>
<dt id="refsRFC4648">[RFC4648]</dt>
<dd><cite><a href="">The Base16, Base32, and Base64 Data Encodings</a></cite>, S. Josefsson. IETF.</dd>

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