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Latest commit 311b52c Feb 17, 2017 @ricea ricea committed on GitHub Execute strategySize first in write() (#680)
A strategy size() function can re-entrantly call controller, writer or writable
methods, leaving the stream in an unexpected state. To ensure predictable
behaviour, call size() before observing or modifying any state.

Previously, if size() threw an exception, writer.write() would reject with that
exception. After this change, it rejects with a TypeError instead.

Also update the web-platform-test to include the new
streams/writable-streams/reentrant-strategy.js tests.

Streams Standard

The streams standard provides APIs for creating, composing, and consuming streams of data. These streams are designed to map efficiently to low-level I/O primitives, and allow easy composition with built-in backpressure and queuing.

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