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Fix #47: not all settings objects have a responsible document anymore

The reason we can remove this check is because workers already only run
when the document that created them is fully active. (It’s just that
such a document is no longer the responsible document.)

(Service workers are not a concern since XMLHttpRequest is not exposed
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annevk committed Jan 21, 2016
1 parent 7b1941f commit cc15c9443f774264cb32d33a13be3a8b58314867
Showing with 8 additions and 10 deletions.
  1. +4 −5 Overview.html
  2. +4 −5 Overview.src.html
@@ -527,14 +527,13 @@ <h4 id="the-open()-method"><span class="secno">4.5.1 </span>The <code title="">o

<dfn id="dom-xmlhttprequest-open" title="dom-XMLHttpRequest-open"><code>open(<var title="">method</var>, <var title="">url</var>, <var title="">async</var>, <var title="">username</var>, <var title="">password</var>)</code></dfn>
method must run these steps:
method, when invoked, must run these steps:

<li><p>If <a href="#concept-xmlhttprequest-settings-object" title="concept-XMLHttpRequest-settings-object">settings object</a>'s
<a class="external" data-anolis-spec="html" href="">responsible document</a> is not
<li><p>If <a href="#concept-xmlhttprequest-settings-object" title="concept-XMLHttpRequest-settings-object">settings object</a> has a
<a class="external" data-anolis-spec="html" href="">responsible document</a> and it is <em>not</em>
<a class="external" data-anolis-spec="html" href="">fully active</a>,
<a class="external" data-anolis-spec="webidl" href="" title="throw">throw</a> an
<code>InvalidStateError</code> exception.
<a class="external" data-anolis-spec="webidl" href="" title="throw">throw</a> an <code>InvalidStateError</code> exception.

<li><p>Set <var title="">base</var> to
<a href="#concept-xmlhttprequest-settings-object" title="concept-XMLHttpRequest-settings-object">settings object</a>'s
@@ -479,14 +479,13 @@ <h4>The <code title>open()</code> method</h4>

<dfn id="dom-xmlhttprequest-open" title="dom-XMLHttpRequest-open"><code>open(<var title>method</var>, <var title>url</var>, <var title>async</var>, <var title>username</var>, <var title>password</var>)</code></dfn>
method must run these steps:
method, when invoked, must run these steps:

<li><p>If <span title=concept-XMLHttpRequest-settings-object>settings object</span>'s
<span data-anolis-spec=html>responsible document</span> is not
<li><p>If <span title=concept-XMLHttpRequest-settings-object>settings object</span> has a
<span data-anolis-spec=html>responsible document</span> and it is <em>not</em>
<span data-anolis-spec=html>fully active</span>,
<span data-anolis-spec=webidl title=throw>throw</span> an
<code>InvalidStateError</code> exception.
<span data-anolis-spec=webidl title=throw>throw</span> an <code>InvalidStateError</code> exception.

<li><p>Set <var title>base</var> to
<span title=concept-XMLHttpRequest-settings-object>settings object</span>'s

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