A simple Jquery Dynamic table plugin and JQuery Best practices
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jQuery.whereTables.js is a simple plugin designed to allow you to toggle the visibility of columns in a table. It is colspan aware but currently doesn't support rowspan. It is more to serve as an introduction to writing a certain type of jQuery plugin than anything else so I offer no guarantee this will work for you in production. It is intentionally over-engineered to demonstrate a few different ways of accomplishing some things in JavaScript and to encourage discussion with the goal of establishing a set of best practices.

For further detail and instructions on how to utilize this plugin, please see the annotated source.


This library must be included on your page after the jquery plugin. You can include both with:

<script src="//ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/1.6/jquery.min.js"></script>
<script src="path_to_library/jquery.wheretables.js"></script>

You can initialize this library by calling .whereTables() on any elements you want to use it on. For example, to use this library on all tables with a class of toggleColumns, you would need to initialize it with:


Note: Don't forget to wrap that call in jQuery.ready (or the $(function(){}) shorthand method).


There are currently three methods available:

  • hideColumn: Takes the column number as a param (zero-index), hides that column.
  • showColumn: Takes the column number as a param (zero-index), hides that column.
  • toggleColumn: Takes the column number as a param (zero-index), toggles between hiding or showing that column.

Calling these methods takes on this format:

$(element).whereTables('method-name',argument1, argument2,...,argumentN)

To hide the third column (column 2 with a zero-index) on a table with an id of example, you might call:

$('#example').whereTables('hideColumn', 2)


Each time a column is shown or hidden, an event is emitted from the element jQuery.whereTables was called on. The events are:

  • showColumn.whereTables: emitted when a column is shown with an argument of the zero-indexed column number.
  • hideColumn.whereTables: emitted when a column is hidden with an argument of the zero-indexed column number.

If you wanted to listen for one of these events and, say, pop up an alert when a column on a table with an id of example is shown, you might write the following:

$('#example').bind( 'showColumn.whereTables', function( event, index ){
    alert( index );
} );