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intuitive visual programming lanuguage using emoji.

created by addie wagenknecht and ramsey nasser

Like poetry, code is a medium whose power can come from its limitations. Good code is short and clean, easy to parse for both human or machine, and condensed but not overly so.

One of the challenges of Emojinal is to define the structure and semantics of an open source visual programming language based on a visual alphabet system (emoji) that has its roots in a universal system of digital signification (unicode) within computation. We are not only interested in making it into a usable language, but to make it fun, creative, and intuitive, with the goal that people can program without knowing or having a traditional programming background. Just as emoji lends itself to be more or less universal, with the advantage that a user can a communicate by image rather than words.

Emoji (the word translate to “picture letter”) takes the idea of the emoticon, e.g. smiley face :), the heart <3 and brings it to a web 2.0 realization: full color, detailed, animated and visually comprehensive. With the introduction of things like iOS6, emoji is not only a standard but the languages fluency has expanded as it starts to become native to many operating systems. It becomes a natural progression as artists with both visual and computer science backgrounds we decided to develop a Turing complete language using emoji.

For example, writing 'hello world' can be parsed in emoji as: 👋 🌎

goals in progress

  • text editors that support emoji and/or imput method for text editors/html 5 text editor for emoji
  • language = turing complete
  • conceptually honest view of emoji
  • decide on structure of language to follow and how to implement
  • wiki on git to post progress in open manner

things to decide

  • structural vs content in emoji symbols this symbol represents content this symbol represents structure
  • internally consistent symbols
  • ability to invent words- only way language evolves -- putting two emoji together = new word