Release Instructions

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  • Don't run anything on port 8080 (such as other tests etc) as you'll interfere with the build
  • Ensure your working directory is entirely free of uncommitted files and changes.
  • Check that your gpg keys can be found by typing gpg --list-keys If not, you need to copy them to where expected, which if you're on Windows 7 is /Users/{user}/AppData/Roaming/gnupg
  • Check you've got your maven central server creds set up in settings.xml
  • Including your gpg passphrase, which I add to the central profile:

Configure your the release plugin as follows (the release profile can do things like generate sources and javadoc):


WARNING: Do NOT run other builds at the same time. If they have clashes on things like Jetty ports for UI/WebService tests, then the build will fail.

Procedure Using Maven 3.0.4

###Dry Run

Check gpg by something like

mvn clean verify -Pcentral,release

Perform a dry run

mvn release:prepare -DdryRun=true -DautoVersionSubmodules=true -Pcentral,release

Example versions to enter:

  • release = 1.0.0.M3
  • tag = 1.0.0.M3
  • next dev version = 1.0.0.M4-SNAPSHOT

Prepare the Release

Note that having done a dry run you need to set resume=false or done release:clean

mvn release:prepare -Pcentral,release -Dresume=false -DautoVersionSubmodules=true

Perform the Release

Note: Ensure that you can login to with the credentials in your settings.xml

If not, then you need to set your password at

This can be a PITA, so I prefer (NOTE: clean is important, and DON'T use -Pfast as it'll skip javadoc)

git checkout [tagName]
mvn clean deploy -Pcentral,release -DskipTests


mvn release:perform -Darguments=-Dgpg.passphrase=xxxxxxxx -Pcentral,release


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