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The official Re-Branding of GPU-Coin

NulleX - $ NLX


NulleX Win Wallet

Download & Run. Hard-coded Nodes – It will sync on its own

Linux Daemon

git clone

cd GPU-Coin

cd src/leveldb

sudo make clean sudo make libleveldb.a libmemenv.a

cd .. (you should be in GPU-Coin/src now)

sudo make -f makefile.unix (if all your deps are met this will build successfully)

strip NulleXd

sudo cp NulleXd /usr/bin


Either make a .conf file or download NulleX.conf place it in .NulleX


Due to large syncing time you may choose to use the BOOTSTRAP.

Place bootstrap.dat into your NulleX/GPU folder and start the wallet.

The wallet may appear frozen, ITS NOT. Be paitent. You can verify its loading by watching the file size of blk0001.dat increasing

*** If you are running the older version of the wallet GPU, or have downloaded the current MAC/OSX/APPLE wallet you will require to download gpu.conf and place it in the working directory for staking to start.***

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