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white duck Gesellschaft für Softwareentwicklung GmbH

Service provider for Application Development, Cloud Infrastructure, DevOps and IoT specialized on Microsoft Azure.

Pinned repositories

  1. Simple ASP.NET Core MVC demo application with GitHub actions and Azure DevOps pipelines and a dash of Docker.

    C# 7 6

  2. A GitHub Action for easy deployment of ARM templates. 🚀

    Go 4 1

  3. An Azure Marketplace offering for our managed containerized Build Agent PRO for Azure DevOps 🚀 💥

  4. A project to scaffold Terraform on Azure 🚀

    Shell 10 4

  5. An Azure DevOps Pipelines Image to trigger other pipelines. 💥

    Go 4

  6. A containerized Azure DNS Forwarder 🛠

    Dockerfile 4 2


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