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json-refs is a simple library for interacting with JSON References and JSON Pointers. While the main purpose of this library is to provide JSON References features, since JSON References are a combination of Object structure and a JSON Pointer, this library also provides some features for JSON Pointers as well.

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The documentation for this project can be found at Specific documentation can be found here:


json-refs is available for both Node.js and the browser. Installation instructions for each environment are below.


json-refs binaries for the browser are available in the dist/ directory:

Of course, these links are for the master builds so feel free to download from the release of your choice. Once you've gotten them downloaded, to use the standalone binaries, your HTML include might look like this:

<!-- ... -->
<script src="json-refs.js"></script>
<!-- ... -->


Installation for Node.js applications can be done via NPM.

npm install json-refs --save

If you plan on using the json-refs CLI executable, you can install json-refs globally like this:

npm install json-refs --global

After this, feel free to run json-refs help to see what you can do or view the CLI documentation linked above