Java API for Mozilla's Public Suffix List
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Public Suffix List API

This is a thread-safe Java API for Mozilla's Public Suffix List:

A "public suffix" is one under which Internet users can directly register names. Some examples of public suffixes are .com, and


This package is available in Maven central:



Create a PublicSuffixList with a PublicSuffixListFactory:

  • PublicSuffixList.getRegistrableDomain(): Gets the registrable domain or null. E.g. "" and "" will return "". Null, an empty string or domains with a leading dot will return null.

  • PublicSuffixList.isRegistrable(): Returns whether a domain is registrable. E.g. "" is registrable, "" and "net" are not.

  • PublicSuffixList.isPublicSuffix(): Returns whether a domain is a public suffix or not. E.g. "com" is a public suffix, "" isn't.

  • PublicSuffixList.getPublicSuffix(): Returns the public suffix from a domain or null. If the domain is already a public suffix, it will be returned unchanged. E.g. "" will return "net".

All methods are case insensitive.


You can use the API's methods with UTF-8 domain names or Punycode encoded ASCII domain names. The API will return the results in the same format as the input was. I.e. if you use an UTF-8 string the result will be an UTF-8 String as well. Same for Punycode.


PublicSuffixListFactory factory = new PublicSuffixListFactory();
PublicSuffixList suffixList =;


assertEquals("net", suffixList.getPublicSuffix(""));
assertEquals("net", suffixList.getPublicSuffix("net"));


assertEquals("", suffixList.getRegistrableDomain(""));
assertEquals("", suffixList.getRegistrableDomain(""));
assertEquals("", suffixList.getRegistrableDomain(""));
assertEquals("", suffixList.getRegistrableDomain(""));

assertEquals("食狮", suffixList.getRegistrableDomain("食狮"));
assertEquals("", suffixList.getRegistrableDomain(""));

Public Suffix List update

This library comes with a bundled list which is most likely out dated. You are encouraged to follow Mozilla's Atom change feed and use the latest effective_tld_names.dat. You can specify a custom path to your latest list by setting the property PROPERTY_LIST_FILE:

PublicSuffixListFactory factory = new PublicSuffixListFactory();

Properties properties = factory.getDefaults();
        PublicSuffixListFactory.PROPERTY_LIST_FILE, "/effective_tld_names.dat");

PublicSuffixList suffixList =;

Download Public Suffix List with Maven

You can integrate the download of the latest list in your maven build process:


License and author

Markus Malkusch is the author of this project. This project is free and under the WTFPL.


If you like this project and feel generous donate a few Bitcoins here: 1335STSwu9hST4vcMRppEPgENMHD2r1REK

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