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A QuickLook plugin that lets you view plain text files without a file extension
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!! UPDATE !!

Hi all. I'm afriad I don't have time to maintain this project any more. I see the issues mounting but I don't have time to answer them. This was a pet project some time ago and I still use the plugin daily and it works just fine for me in it's current form. If anyone would like to step forward and be added a contributor to move it forward, please send me a message.


Reinforcement have arrived :-)

I have volunteered to bring Duncan's excellent QL plugin a bit more up to date. Don't expect to much though. I will focus on backlogged pull requests to begin with.



QLStephen is a QuickLook plugin that lets you view plain text files without a file extension. Files like:




Manually Compiled

Compliling the project yourself? Just copy the generated QLStephen.qlgenerator file into the relevant QuickLook folder (as above).


If you’ve installed the plugin, but don’t see any changes:

  • Make sure you are editing (a) the correct plist of (b) the correct bundle. (For example, you might have two QLStephen plugins. It’s possible the plugin in another directory—perhaps /Library/QuickLook/—is what is being read.)
  • Run qlmanage -r in the Terminal. (This will restart QuickLook, which reloads all plugins.)

Why “QLStephen”?

Because I was listening to Adam and Joe when I first wrote it.


Original author: Duncan Robertson

Special thanks to the following people for submitting patches over the years:


  • Fork the project
  • Send a pull request
  • Don’t change the build number (I’ll do that when I release a new version)
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