parser and renderer library for liquid-like templates
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Cadenza is a template parsing and rendering library for Ruby. The syntax is very similar to other template languages like Django (Python), Smarty (PHP), or Liquid (Ruby).

In addition to the usual template language features, Cadenza features:

  • template inheritance
  • extendable syntax
  • interchangeable lexers, parsers, loaders and renderers


   gem install cadenza


To learn how to both write Cadenza templates and use Cadenza in your Ruby projects have a look at the Cadenza Manual

To learn how to extend Cadenza with custom Lexers, Parsers, Loaders and Renderers visit the Yard Documentation


See: Waffle

If you have any ideas or suggestions please let me know! I love ideas. You can open an Issue to discuss it.



Supported Ruby Versions

See: travis.yml


Cadenza is released under the MIT license