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A Chrome extension for viewing Youku/Tudou online videos from overseas (without proxy!)
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Unblock Youku Gitter chat

This project contains three functionalities.

  1. A Google Chrome extension helping users access their web services while travelling outside mainland China.

    You can find this extension on Chrome Web Store at

  2. A Node.js based backend server that supports the redirect mode of the Chrome extension.

    Build Status Dependency Status

  3. A DNS server combined with a reverse proxy used for devices that cannot set up proxies easily.

    For more information, please read its README file.


Installing/using the software/service, you agree that the software/service is only for study purposes and its authors and/or service providers take no responsibilities for any consequences.


The source code is released under AGPL v3 or (at your option) any later version.


We are using WebTranslateIt to manage our international language files.

If you are interested in helping us translating the extension, or you want the extension to be available in additional language(s), please make a request here. Your help is very much appreciated.


@whuhacker - Contribute many important functionalities and improvements, and Japanese, German and French translations

@karlcheong - Contribute many URL patterns for web and mobile apps; discover the root cause for network issue in Macau; create and maintain the public Unblock-Youku DNS server

@mozbugbox - Create the DNS server combined with a reverse proxy server

Chiara De Liberato - Contribute Italian and English translations

Please visit this page for more contributors, and this page for our translators.

Bitcoin Reward for Pull Requests

Appending MONEYMONEY to your commit message, you will be rewarded with BTC as the following USD amount:

Current BitHub Reward

Read more about this reward (in Chinese)

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