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Css Picker field for Sitecore CMS
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Sitecore Single-line Text Field with Css classes autocompletion. Based on Sc.AutoCompleteTextField


  • Add new field with Css Picker type to your templates, or add base template /sitecore/templates/Foundation/CssPicker/_CssPicker to your existing template.
  • Replace paths to css files in /App_Config/Include/CssPickerField/SmartSitecore.CssPicker.config or use Sitecore patch to add your css files.
  • Alternatively add styles= in field data source with paths to css files, separated with comma:

Css picker field datasource

  • Paths entered in field's data source replace the one defined in configuration file.
  • Css names are cached in Sitecore Cache, where the keys are file names. To clear it go to /sitecore/cache.aspx page.
  • Go to the item based on the template and start writing css class name, Css classses appears in a suggestions list and can be picked:

Css picker field

Usage in Rendering Parameters

Css Picker can be used also on component's rendering parameters to improve content editors experience:

  • Add /sitecore/templates/System/Layout/Rendering Parameters/Standard Rendering Parameters to base templates in _CssPicker template or your custom template with Css Picker field. Select _CssPicker, or your custom template in Parameters Template field of the rendering definition item. Open properties of your component in content or experience editor and start writing css class name:

Css picker field

  • Use rendering parameters in standard Sitecore MVC controller:

    var selectedCss = RenderingContext.Current.Rendering.Parameters["Css Class"];

  • Use rendering parameters in Glass Mapper MVC (where MyParameters is a Model class for corresponding template):

    var selectedCss = GetRenderingParameters<MyParameters>().Css_Class;

    Check out blog entry about the field and it use case.

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