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ipfs-see-all is a diagnostics and recovery utility for ipfs repos. It has two modes of operation and must be run with your local ipfs daemon shut down.


The 'lost-pins' mode will search through all the ipfs objects in your repo and look for objects that appear to be pinsets. It enumerates these potential pinsets and compares the results with the pinset reported by your nodes 'actual' pinset. If any pins are found in the loose objects that are not found in the 'actual' pinset, they will be printed out. The printed out hashes represent objects that were at one time pinned, but are no longer. This can happen for one of two reasons, first (and hopefully most likely), these could be objects that you have manually unpinned (via ipfs pin rm). Second, they could be objects whose pins were lost by the ipfs repo pinset bug. If you suspect the pins printed out were lost, first make sure you've updated to a go-ipfs v0.4.4 or later, then you can run ipfs pin add on them to re-pin them safely.

For example, if you want to re-pin all objects found by the 'lost-pins' mode, you can do:

$ ipfs-see-all lost-pins > pins-out
$ ipfs pin add < pins-out

Do note that if you have lost pins and ran ipfs repo gc, the data referenced by those pins may no longer be available.


The 'content-stat' mode iterates through every object in your repo and searches for roots of graphs. This means any node that is not linked to by any other node. Once it has this set, it attempts to classify each of them. Checking if each object is a unixfs directory, file or other such type. It then prints out information on each of those root objects.

This mode can be used to get an idea of what sort of content is in your repo.


Prebuilt binaries are available at

From Source

Clone it down anywhere and run make.

$ git clone
$ cd ipfs-see-all
$ make




A tool for viewing all the content of your ipfs nodes repo


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