Milter interface to the DSPAM spam filter engine
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dspam-milter README

DSPAM milter is an implementation of the milter interface available in several MTAs for DSPAM, a statistical spam and content filter for e-mail. The milter talks to the DSPAM daemon over the regular DSPAM socket, using the DLMTP protocol.

Development of dspam-milter is hosted on Github, releases can be downloaded from Pypi. For questions, bugs and patches, please open an issue. You can also try to send an e-mail.

build status


  • Python 2.7 (python)
  • DSPAM running in daemon mode
  • pymilter (python-milter)


To install, run pip install dspam-milter in order to get everything installed. If you downloaded/forked the git repository, you can use python install in the repository root.

Milter usage

Dspam-milter is a ready to use application. The command dspam-milter should have been installed in your path. Behaviour of the daemon can be controlled by a configuration file. You can create the default config by running dspam-milter --default-config > /etc/dspam-milter.cfg.

In general, dlmtp_* settings under [dspam] need to be configured, and DSPAM configuration needs to be altered to match these. Details on which changes need to be made in the DSPAM configuration are also available in the config file.

When the configuration files have been altered and DSPAM is reloaded to enable the new config, you can run dspam-milter by executing dspam-milter --config /etc/dspam-milter.cfg. There is also an upstart init script available in the misc/ folder for those running Ubuntu.


Currently the package contains:

  • dspam.client: A client (python class) that can talk to a DSPAM daemon over a socket.
  • dspam.milter: A milter application to use DSPAM classification in an MTA.

Note on Python3 tests

The test suite is run in Travis, and tests are also enabled for Python3. This ensures that the code stays compatible with both Python 2 and 3. But actually running the package on Python3 requires that all dependencies are also available on Python3, and that is still in the works for pymilter.


The dspam-milter code is available under the New (3-clause) BSD license. See LICENSE for details.