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Creativity with Ruby-Processing

by Joanne Cheng


Many of us are developers working in great jobs that can, after a while, cause our minds to settle into habits. We work so hard to make deadlines that sometimes we forget to step out of our comfort zones. Enter Processing: Processing is a programming environment where developers can easily create images, animations, and visually interactive programs. A developer can break out of a rut by expressing themselves with beautiful interactions and visualizations through code. Out of the box, the Processing environment requires Java programming skills.

Ruby-Processing is a simple wrapper for the Processing framework that combines the visual-driven environment of Processing with the fun of writing Ruby. In this talk, we'll go through the ways to "sketch" with Ruby-Processing with several live coding examples and create something together. Through creativity, we can increase the breadth of problems we can solve in our day to day jobs.

Additional Notes

Joanne is a developer for thoughtbot, inc. in Denver, CO, happily writing code all day. When she's not writing code for thoughtbot, inc., she works on open source projects that benefit the state of Colorado and its citizens through Code for Communities. She was once a classical musician in training.