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Routines for designing Windowed Sinc, Parks-McClellan and Moving Average Finite Impulse Response (FIR) filters and filtering EEGLAB EEG datasets. The routines for designing Parks-McClellan FIR filters require the MATLAB Signal Processing Toolbox. Report bugs, unexpected behavior and feature requests to widmann at uni-leipzig dot de.
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changelog.txt version number
eegplugin_firfilt.m version number
findboundaries.m Removed $Id$ tag
fir_filterdcpadded.m added usefftfilt parameter
firfilt.m Removed $Id$ tag
firfiltreport.m initial import
firfiltsplit.m added usefftfilt parameter
firgauss.m initial import
firws.m default to hamming window
firwsord.m new low-level functions (Fieldtrip compatibility)
invfirwsord.m new low-level functions (Fieldtrip compatibility)
invkaiserbeta.m new low-level functions (Fieldtrip compatibility)
kaiserbeta.m new low-level functions (Fieldtrip compatibility)
minphaserceps.m moved low-level functions from private to main directory
plotfresp.m Fieldtrip compatibility
pop_eegfiltnew.m added usefftfilt parameter
pop_firma.m direction parameter for plotting of filter responses
pop_firpm.m R2015a compatibility
pop_firpmord.m R2015a compatibility
pop_firws.m added usefftfilt parameter, removed bartlett window, default hamming …
pop_firwsord.m removed bartlett window, moved low-level code to firwsord
pop_kaiserbeta.m moved low-level code to kaiserbeta
pop_xfirws.m repaired Kaiser window beta edit field, version number
windows.m mirror-symmetric windows, sync to Fieldtrip version
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