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Debianization tools:

  • -- Automate all steps of building a Debian package
  • git2deblogs -- Synchronize git logs with debian changelogs
  • test-repo -- Git repository zipped in order to perform tests on it (generating and checking debian/changelog)


  • devscripts (debian package)
  • git-core (debian package)
  • Perl >= 5.10.0 (comes by default with Debian-based distro)
  • libjson-xs-perl (debian package)

This is a bash script. It is primarily aimed at building deb packages for projects that use automake/autoconf toolchain for generating the configure and Makefile files.

To use, just add debianize as a submodule to your project like this:

git submodule add git:// debianize/

Then make symlinks for:


Make sure you have at least one tag (one tag means one package version). Make sure to run git2deblogs --generate to update your debian/changelog as this is the file which controls the version of the package you will generate.

Now run


The has command-line paramters. Here are some examples of using them

  • --generate
  • --force-maintainer-name="Person name"
  • --force-maintainer-email=""
  • --consistency-check
  • --wikimedia

The --generate switch will backup your current changelog and will regenerate everything from scratch. The --force-maintainer-name and -email will force these values inside the changelog (by default, these are taken from the name/email of the person who made the git tag). The --consistency-check switch can be used when you're going to make a release to check your changelog and see if it's out of date or perform various consistency checks on it. The --wikimedia switch is to be used for building packages for Wikimedia infrastructure. This affects versions inside the debian changelog and the distribution names for the debian package. You can find more details about this here.


It`s a script to build multiple packages on different architectures.


Because this is under development and continous evolution, run this from time to time

git submodule foreach git pull

Continous integration available here:

Travis CI

Status of


Status of