Scripts to build deb packages of thrift, thrift-fb303 and scribe.
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If you are looking for Debian/Ubuntu packaging for scribe, you have come to the right place!

Prebuilt deb packages

The packages in deb/ were built on amd64 Ubuntu Lucid 10.04.

Building Packages will clone the thrift, thrift-fb303, scribe and log4j-scribe-appender repositories, and build deb packages for each. Packages are stored in deb/. will use aptitude to find and uninstall anything that installed while it was building the packages.


This is meant to be used with the wmf-analytics repositories.

The thrift, fb303 and scribe repositories have been forked from simplegeo's, but modified and updated so that they build more seemless. The wmf-analytics forks build the java libraries for thrift, fb303 and scribe.

log4j-scribe-appender was forked from joshdevins so that debian/ packaging could be added.

NOTE: A thrift-debian repository also exists to build thrift packages. That repository is not used for this packaging of scribe, since getting building scribe against a newer version of thrift proved to be pretty much impossible.